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You can download MOOV app via App Store or Google Play Store. With the online membership contract, complete your registration without leaving the application. That’s it!

Çağır / İstersen Sen Al

Take It Yourself and Go!

Now you can reach the nearest car to your location in İstanbul and İzmir and start to MOOV. You can enjoy your self service ride anytime you want! You don't need to declare your ride time beforehand. Rent at where you are, drive as you wish, pay what you drive!



When you are done with MOOV, park the car wherever you want in our service area and end the rental by locking the doors through the app. As long as you do the termination within the service area, you can also MOOV with the insurance outside the service zone if you wish. Please be careful leaving the car clean in a legal park zone! Leaving the key in the glove box, and parking the car in a suitable place is just enough for us! See you next time!



Get 100 TL discount for your first rental. Before starting your first rental, don't forget to write MERHABA to the campaign code field.

Pay the İspark fee and get a campaign code for %10 more of the amount you pay. Check the Parking Places page in the app.

With the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izelman Parking Lots are free for all MOOVERS! Details on our parking information page!

Pay for 10 hours, enjoy 24 hours. The price includes fuel , insurance and 250 Km.

We celebrate users who follow traffic rules and who don't have any damage or ticket record with discounts. Don't forget to enter the code USTA in the promo code field before you start your rental.

We celebrate users who receive high cleanliness scores from the next user with discounts. Don't forget to enter the code TITIZ in the promo code field before you start your rental.

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